Mow on America

Well, it’s done.  I bought a lawn mower or to be more correct a lawn tractor.  If one is fool enough to buy a house with an acre of grass, then, that fool needs a lawn mower.  I had one, a small electric mower that was perfect for my last house, but this lawn just mocked it.  You could see the grass just shaking with laughter.  With much grumbling and whining, I broke down and bought a bigger mower which I wouldn’t have done if the grass wasn’t higher than the dogs are tall.  It was delivered first thing this morning along with the utility cart that came free with the purchase.

Now I am sitting here reading the operating manual and am amazed at the things companies are required to tell you obviously to protect themselves from lawsuits despite the fact that there are warning labels slapped everywhere on the machine.  Things like do not operate in an enclosed area due to carbon monoxide emissions, don’t operate when children or pets are nearby, and look behind you before moving in reverse.  But the best one is don’t put your hands or feet underneath the mowing deck until the blades stop moving.  There is even a CD included regarding safety.  What happened to common sense?

Then, there is the technical terminology they use.  Some of them are simple like brake/clutch pedal or key switch, but others are much more esoteric, for example, RIO short for reverse implement option switch.  What the heck is that?  Hopefully, they will tell me further on in the manual.  For now, I’m wondering why I didn’t get the model with cruise control.  I love cruise control on a car.  Now I’ve found the RIO information which explains that this switch allows you to mow while moving in reverse.  Maybe one day, I should confuse the neighbors and mow my grass only in reverse.

Manufacturers have added a wash port which I think is cool.  All you have to do is attach a hose and with the blades turning, it will wash the grass and debris off the blades.  That way the mower never drops grass in the garage.  Nice!  Moving from the sublime to the next page, I see that after using for eight hours the oil needs to be changed which brings up the question of how to drain the oil and, then, dispose of it.  They have rules about oil disposal now.  Then, there are oil filters and air filters to be changed out after more use.  It’s a good thing I came home with the oil and oil filter.

The manual is now read and I’m about to exit the house to see if I can manage to fill the gas tank, check the battery to make sure it’s all set, hop on the mower and see if I can get it started.  After engaging all the levers and observing all safety regulations, maybe the grass will get mowed.  That was the object of all this in the first place.

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6 Responses to Mow on America

  1. Doris says:

    Carol, you're so funny!
    You got that right when you said the cautionsare to prevent lawsuits. That's why drug companies have to warn users that sleeping pills may cause drowsiness. I have a cousin who put his five-year-old son on a lawn tractor. The kid wasn't heavy enough to engage the safety feature in the seat that turns off the engine if you fall off. So my cousin DISCONNECTED the safety feature! What a family tree!
    Don forget your hat and sunscreen!

  2. Jeanette says:

    This post made me laugh. How true about all the safety warnings. Common sense is becoming a thing of the past.

  3. cwurschmidt says:

    If you both liked this one, be sure to read Friday's when I discuss the actual mowing. I really had fun out there and am glad I broke down and bought the lawn tractor.

  4. Leo says:

    That is great. I cannot wait to read the stories you have to tell about mowing.

    You reply created a good and funny account of getting to know your new mower. I bet you will have loads of fun. I Ike the washing port connection. My push mower has to be flipped over to be washed… a real pain.

    As far as e oil, get an oil draining container from an auto parts store. It has a flat surface on top with a couple of holes to allow the oil to drain into the belly and then has a spout with a cap on one end. Take the old oil to the auto parts store and they will recycle it for free. It do it all the time when I change out the oil on the Jeep and 4Runner and I usually go to AutoZone.

    • cwurschmidt says:

      Now I understand why mothers have sons. They can answer questions you are too embarrassed to ask. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be visiting Autozone any day now. Changing the oil will be a first for me, but I really want to try it. That will probably be another post. I'll entitle it Carol the Grease Monkey.

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