Remodel Time Is Closer

So much is changed now.  Days and weeks were spent thinking, rethinking, adjusting, and changing my mind.  The more research is completed, the more that is learned, the more things are settling into concrete decisions not just a maybe. 

The biggest change is that the work will be completed on the upstairs only for now.  It occurred to me that if I go with the cork flooring it would just be stupid not to get the remaining two bedrooms and hallway flooring finished the same way.  Of course, that means that the entire upstairs will have to be dismantled and furniture moved to accommodate the installation.   Since I have to live here while the work is completed, that means moving downstairs with the cat and two dogs.  Luckily, there is a refrigerator down there and the toaster oven is easily relocated so food and eating won’t be a problem.  Paper plates will be a plus.

The bad news is that means everything upstairs will have to be packed up and carried downstairs or vice versa.  I’m really looking forward to that and even more so the carrying it back upstairs and if you believe that, I’d like to talk to you about some swamp land.  But this time I will finally be settled.  However, that means postponing work downstairs.  Fortunately, it’s only postponing, as in delaying, not deleting and never doing it. 

Through a good recommendation, an excellent wood craftsman has been found and his work is just spectacular.  I have every confidence that the kitchen will be wonderful.  We are still tweaking the plan, but it is pretty much finished.  The hardest part of all of this was choosing the flooring.  There are so many options out there and the cost can run from $1.98 per square foot or less to more than $8.00 and up.  Everyone wants something that is durable and stain resistant and most floors provide that, but what I wanted was something that was soft under bare feet and warm during the winter.  That immediately ruled out a lot of things like wood.  Cork flooring seems to be the perfect answer to all that. 

In the way that remodeling does, one solution provides another problem.  By opting for cork flooring, that meant that if I stayed with the khaki paint color chosen this house would become a true “beige house” which is more boring than watching grass grow.  I still like it for the bedrooms since it is restful and adding color in a bedroom is really easy, but what was to be the primary color is now the secondary and the primary will be a blue green that reminds me of the ocean. 

It seems to be all coming together with much compromising and thinking.  During my early marriage years, it became apparent that while my husband and I would start at opposite ends of a spectrum, our compromises were always the best choice.  So, I see compromise as a good thing and when all is said and done, the end result will be very satisfying and really close to budget.

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