The Herald

It was planned for many years and the time was imminent.  The Herald would first take over North America and, then, Europe followed by whatever country was necessary.  All their people were in place and disasters prepared.  They wanted to rule the world and meant to do so.  The planning was perfect and the billions spent insignificant with the culmination of that effort nearing,

It had started nearly forty-five years ago when the boys were born.  There had been forty of them scattered around the world so they could each grow up in their respective countries.  Each was raised in wealth with a mother specifically chosen by the Herald to nuture and train them in the ways of the very rich.  They had had private tutors who emphasized a curriculum of world history, financial systems, and leadership along with arts and literature.

Their births hadn’t been remarked on by the press nor were the boys noticed as they grew.  These young men had a destiny, but for now, their job was just to enjoy life as they matured and learned.  Their destiny was preordained and it was no easy task.  They were to be leaders in their respective countries and were prepped to take on that mantle of authority with ease.  Their friends were from families who had wealth and power combined with their own destinies. 

They each excelled in college not only academically but also in sports.  Each had made his mark on those insulated worlds and furthered their education in leadership.  On reaching the age of twenty one, each was given a portfolio of cash and stocks to enhance their learning of financial matters.  They were taught how to buy and sell assets, how to anticipate downturns and avoid losses whenever possible, and how to study annual reports and investigate companies.

They were hand-picked, wealthy young men, but, at heart, they were still young men.  They partied hard and dated with random enjoyment.  None had any serious entanglements nor progeny to haunt their later years.  They were always protected from scandal or any hint of embarrassment.  Their lives, and their destinies, would never be marred.   When the time came to them, as it does to all of us, for marriage, their wives were hand picked.  Each professed their love to these women but none felt it.  These women were part of their duty and they would handle it.  So much they were given and so little asked that it seemed natural to do as they were told. 

Each man knew that these marriages would enhance their futures and that was all that mattered.  The women were charming, beautiful and trained to be the wives of leaders.  They would be an asset for the men’s political careers.  The companionship and eventual friendship of these couples would stave away the loneliness that always starves the soul of men of destiny.  Only one of these men, Pierre Gagnon of Canada, had, unbeknown to his masters, fallen in love with his wife and pledged to forever be her protector.  She had replaced the men known as the Herald as Pierre’s primary concern.  It would have meant his death had they learned of his feelings.

They were all elected as prime minister or president of their respective countries.  They were esteemed, beloved leaders with their treachery as yet unknown, but each country was on the cusp of change.  There would be difficult times and much loss of life and in the end, the Herald would prevail.

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3 Responses to The Herald

  1. Doris says:

    Carol, I love it!! Can't wait to read the rest of the book!

    • cwurschmidt says:

      I think it was a good guess, but, yes, this is a prologue to the book I'm currently struggling with…er, make that writing. Wanted a reaction and loved yours. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Jeanette says:

    I also want to see a picture.

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