Unbelieveable But Good

The blog posted on March 25th, Culling and Sharpening, didn’t happen.  There are no numbers and there was no meeting.  You see, it’s springtime here and that means lots of volatile weather what with cold fronts and warm fronts, thunderstorms,  strong winds and tornado warnings.  This, in turn, means there is a lot of damage to homes in the area.  There were pictures of a small town west of Knoxville with homes either destroyed or with the ubiquitous blue tarps spread over the roofs.  It brought back many memories of the time my house was hit by an F4 tornado.

The contractor who is going to do my work is a long established, second generation company with many contacts that have kept them in business even during the recent downturn.  They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are a respected company in this area.  When there is storm damage, they are called either by the homeowners or their insurance company to provide an estimate for the repairs and to complete the work.  For them, this is job security.  For me, it means delays.

It is disappointing and, at first, there was a selfish sulk about the delays.  Then, I remembered what it was like to have rain pouring through your house.  There was a time when I was walking around my kitchen poking holes in the rain swollen ceiling allowing the water to drain into a bucket so the ceiling wouldn’t collapse.  There was the damage I found months later while opening attic stored boxes.  There was this feeling of loss surrounding everything around me.  My life was stopped in it’s tracks and desolation set in.  That’s how those families feel now so how can I, in good conscious, complain when I,  sitting in a warm, dry house, have to wait to get a remodel done.

The storms hit twice in one week about three weeks ago and this week another one hit which brings about more delays.  To me, life is all about options.  After allowing myself an hour to have a pity party, I began to think about the positives that come with delays.  Everything had been moving rather quickly and I began wondering if I was making a mistake.  Doubts were creeping in and I was questioning every decision made.  It would have been better if I had waited a year or so to start all this remodeling business; however, it will be wonderful to get the house redone, get all the boxes unpacked, and settle in once and for all.  That was the original objective and it still is a good one.  But this delay is also a good thing.  It has given me time to think everything through, revisit all my decisions, and determine if they are the right thing.  That’s very powerful.

My time will come and I’ll be ready for it.  There are still a lot of things to do before the remodeling begins.  They will just be done in a slower, more thoughtful manner.  The end result will be the same.  Plus, I won’t have walked over those who have a real need.  When it’s meant to be, it will happen.  By then, I will be sure.



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  1. Leo says:

    The delay has to be tough, for sure, but I am glad that this gives you extra time to be sure of your decision and to truly know what you want when they are ready.

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