On The Go

If you have gone grocery shopping lately, you have seen the same things that I have.  There are Lunchables ready to stick into a lunch box,  the bags of pasta or meat dishes that only take minutes to prepare, and the ready-made breakfasts to make the weekday morning easier.   Each of these must sell fairly well or they wouldn’t still be on grocery store shelves or in their coolers.  On the way home, it’s easy and, sometimes prudent, to stop and grab a pizza or fast food or a rotisserie chicken.

Nearly ten years ago, I used to buy boxed dinners almost exclusively since the food would get me through another day.  They weren’t healthy and, in fact, they weren’t good in any way, shape, or form for me, but they got me through.  After eating all those boxes of salt, sugar, and preservatives, it is no wonder that I now severely limit salt, sugar and work very hard to not eat anything with preservatives.  I still buy the frozen bagged pasta since that’s the easiest way to have pasta; however, generally, they don’t have preservatives.  Cooking for one is the hardest thing to do.

It seems that most food today is for on the go, pick up and eat or take home to eat.  That in turn suggests that people are just grabbing something quick and easy to feed themselves or their family.  I sincerely hope that isn’t the norm for most families.  Eating together isn’t always possible, but it is an important family rite that shouldn’t be ignored totally.  Children have so much to learn from the adults in their life and a good bit can be learned around the family table.  When children are young, it can seem like a trial and, at times, is, but that sets the tone for when they are older.  It can also be a time of learning for the adults as well.

I have great memories of eating with my family while growing up and more of the time my children were growing up.  Even when my husband traveled, as he did much of the time, our family at home had dinner together.  There is a bonding that forms around that table that cannot be broken.  And, yes, I remember how hard it is, but on reflection, I can tell you it is worth your time.




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