Beginning of the End

Hate will always be with us.  Hate is something we as Americans try to avoid, but for some here and abroad, it is the single emotion that steers their lives. That seemed to be the case with Osama Bin Laden.  His hatred for us and for all those who breathed freedom, along with his family’s fortune, propelled him to turn to a life unimagined by us.  He wanted, and succeeded, to hurt us in the most dramatic way possible via the events of September 11, 2001.  This, along with the Mid-Easterners fight for democracy, was the beginning of his end.

His extremist beliefs led him to hate all peoples not supporting the ideology of the Sharia law including his fellow Muslims.  Shariah is the code of conduct or religious law of the Muslim community.  Osama took this law to an exaggerated length in order to justify doing as he wanted, including killing women and children to achieve jihad.  Muslims love their God and try to live by the code of their Koran much like Christians love God and try to live by the laws of the Bible.  To compare all Muslims by Osama Bin Laden would equate to measuring all American Christians by Timothy McVeigh, who along with Terry Nichols, blew up the McMurrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Not only did he plan and execute horrible destruction but also bragged about it as he scampered throughout the Mid-East to avoid detection.  He probably laughed at our depiction of him huddled in some cave in the mountains of Pakistan and, while he may have done so for a time, it never seemed to fit what he was really like.  A college educated man, he skillfully used the media to get his message across and our media happily played it over and over again for all to see.

It was his claim of responsibility for the actions of others on 9/11 that led to his demise.  For ten years, the cat and mouse game continued.  We pride ourselves on never giving up and we didn’t.  Osama faded from the media attention having had his fifteen minutes of fame, but the hunt never waned nor faded.  He probably felt comfortable in his surroundings and smug that he was successfully elusive.  But we never forgot and never back down.  That is our trait.  We located him.  We killed him.  He is no more.

One has to wonder what small events in his life led Osama to his chosen path.  How did he get from a small child with all the normal child’s feelings to a man who had such hate and presumably such rage.  What were the times that twisted his thinking to formulate his version of a jihad?  And you have to wonder in whom those seeds are being sown even now, who will emerge as the next destructive personality, and what war will his or her hatred lead toward.

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2 Responses to Beginning of the End

  1. Doris says:

    I have to say this operation has given me a little bit of respect for our President.

  2. cwurschmidt says:

    It was a gutsy call. I still remember when Jimmy Carter tried something similiar and it ended up as a total disaster. It does sound weird that they abducted his body. I understand why, but that bit is strange. Now, we know two things about Obama. He was "Born in the USA" and he can call the hard ones.

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