It’s the Pits

During the heyday of quitting smoking, I received one fateful telephone call.  Despondency wasn’t the word for how I felt after hanging up.  It was downright depressing.  Probably, I wallowed a little more than I should have, but I was earning that right.  So, I wallowed like a pig in mud and did a thorough job of it.  Who called?  The contractor.  That was the bad news.  The good news was that they were finally facing reality and giving me the truth.

The back story is that during the month of April, East Tennessee had a total of forty five tornadoes wreaking havoc everywhere and nearly destroying some communities.   Thousands of trees were leveled in the mountains blocking and closing trails.  That doesn’t even begin to tell the story of the rain we have had over the past two months.  So, times are tough.  Weather, and it’s weird events, dominate our lives just as it does others around the nation.  The result of all this is that everyone including roofers, builders, car repair shops as well as landscaping crews are overwhelmed with work.

This overwhelming load will keep them all busy until at least September if everything works perfectly and it never works perfectly.  So, we are talking of starting at the earliest in October.  Actually, we aren’t talking; I am thinking everything through.   The question runs through today like everyday of what to do.  The answer is who knows.  It is time to  regroup, rethink, and redo the plan.  It has always been a personal goal to never act until I know what I want to do.  Therefore, except for wrapping things up, nothing will happen for an extended time.  Too bad, but at least I have a roof over my head and everything works just fine.  Things could be, and have been, a lot different.  It wasn’t meant to be done this year, maybe next year.


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  1. Leo says:

    Well, I know this is not really the point of the story, but I am so happy to hear that you are trying to quit smoking!!!! I am really concerned about you and your health with your smoking so I hope you are able to continue quitting.

    Sorry about the house remodeling, but the wait will make it that much sweeter for you… hopefully.

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