Stampeding the Night Away

It was in February that my cousin, twice removed or something like that, anyway, she was in the area with a youth group and their final activity was attending the Dixie Stampede show in this area.  She didn’t say much about it, but then, I didn’t ask either, but overall thought it was good.  It was then that I decided that would be a great place to take guests who were interested.

So, now, some guests are here and they said, “Take us to Dixie Stampede”.  So, tonight, we are going there for dinner and a show.  From what I can tell, it is much like Medieval Times which I saw in Dallas and thoroughly enjoyed.  While I am looking forward to going, it is said that no utensils are included for eating.  This means you have to work with the eating utensils God gave you—your fingers.  I’ve had four course meals before, but never ate them with my fingers so I have some questions about this.  They offer a vegetarian meal which I haven’t asked for since the mental photo of me eating green beans or peas with my fingers wasn’t a pretty one.  It’s time to go and get ready to travel there.  We will see what we will see.

What a great time.  I love it when the money paid actually meets the demand of entertainment.  These shows are just plain fun.  This is an Americana extravaganza that leaves you with a full tummy and pride in your country.  I like that combination.  This food seemed exceptionally good with succulent corn, zesty chicken, and a yummy dessert.  The food arrived hot and the drinks were constantly refilled.  You really can’t ask for more.

As for my “eating utensils”, they worked fine.  It worries me that I did better with my hands than I sometimes do with the metal utensils.  No food was dropped on my shirt or jeans, but my hands were finger licking ready.  With a small flourish, a warm, wet cloth was handed over for hand washing which received much use.

The show, of  course, was great with all the flamboyance, competition, and humor you could want. Not to mention, all the pretty girls, handsome men and the beautiful horses, buffalo, and the rest of the menagerie.  If you are looking for a good time for a couple of hours, this is a great chice for young and old.

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  1. Jeanette Spencer says:

    I am glad that all of you were able to experience the Dixie Stampede. Connie and I loved it, but Jeana was not thrilled with the idea of eating without utensils. One day I want to take Sarah's duaghter Jaala to see the show, since she is taking hosre riding lessons and loves it.

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