A Novel Idea

A nice side benefit of moving is that there are always new things to see and do.  Months ago while having lunch with a friend, she drove me around and showed me a small area of the city.  There among all the other stores was this one that she highly recommended and that store was my destination today.  After visiting their web site, I drove over and went into the most wonderful bookstore ever.  My dream place to be.  I sold some of my books to them, which they credited back a dollar value to me, and started shopping.

Imagine a warehouse filled with nothing but shelves which were filled with books, books, books.  There were audio books, hardbacks, paperbacks, CDs, video games, and large print books, a veritable buffet of reading material.  By then, my arms were aching due to the heavy load of books in my bag.  A deeper look will have to wait until my second trip and maybe by then I’ll have that kid-in-a-candy-store feeling under control.  And that isn’t even the best part about the store.

All of these books are used and discounted according to their age.  Many of the books I chose sold for less than three dollars and the most expensive was $4.95.  My major score, as defined by me, is a copy of James A. Michener’s “Caribbean” which I have never read.  I have almost all of his books which made this a thrill, but purchasing it for only fifty cents escalated that to a huge find.

All the books are in good condition.  I am careful with mine, whether I intend to keep them or not, never bending the pages or soiling them.  They still look new after reading them, but I have gotten all of my enjoyment out of them.  So, I will be spending much time there I suspect.  Hopefully, there are enough books here now to keep me busy for the next month or so.  I have a golden rule that if I buy a book it must be read even if I’m not that thrilled with it.  Plus, I have to buy a different author each time.

However, if I find one that is really fun or well written then I can buy more books written by that author.  Today, was a day for stocking up on authors whom I enjoy.  So much fun.  It is the best excitement I have had in a long time.  Some of the books purchased today will no doubt be returned to the store.  But today, oh, today, I did really well.  Today, thanks to the books that I brought in, my “new” purchases were further discounted by more than forty percent.  It’s almost like stealing, but not.  You can’t wipe the smile off my face.

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  1. Leo says:

    That is great. I can see you being incredibly excited as you walked in that store! What a find.

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