Fantasy or Not

Fantasizing can be a lot of fun and a great escape.  Having read a bunch of books that are based on pure fantasy, I can attest that it’s a great way to get through summer, winter, or just plain blah time.  The characters are beyond real in their physique and abilities.  Their lives are filled with danger and their enemies are always blood thirsty.  As a child, I loved to read books or watch television.  The characters for both always had so much adventure and interesting lives.  But it was always understood that that was fantasy and not real life.

It did give me ideas about how my life should be resulting in an adventurous, activity filled life.  Had I done what most of my schoolmates did, I would have married right out of high school and had a baby within a few years or attended a couple of years of a nearby college before getting married.  Somehow, I knew that wasn’t for me.  So, it was off to a college far away from home and then, on to the Marine Corps and the rest of my life.  Not once did I believe that I was modeling after the people I had seen on television or read about in a book.  They did, however, give me a nudge toward making my life the adventure it was.

All the characters that I saw in my youth had golden character always showcasing their honesty or sense of fair play.  Honor and dignity were most important to everyone.  It’s not a far reach to see that those were the people, along with my parents and other family members, I wanted to emulate.  That is the best decision that I ever made.  Trying to live your life with honor and dignity may not be the easiest method, but it worked for me most of the time.

Take a look at some of the role models out there for the kids today.  Snooky?  Really?  Another choice option is Teen Mom.  Yes, girls, let’s go right out and get pregnant and be like them.  Hopefully, the aim of the show was to prove how tough such a life can be, but as teenagers will, they glamorize everything with sad results.  Some young girls wanted to grow up to become Miss America but that is passe.  Today’s little girls just want to be in beauty pageants and win trophies.  Unfortunately, the little girls’ who according to their parents are the ones who demand to be in pageants now look like a miniature Barbie with their capped teeth, wigs and outfits.  What will they be like at twenty-four if they look that way at four?  Role models other than the parents are important for those elementary and middle school age children.  They are watching us.



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  1. Yes, there aren't great role models :-(. Did you really join the Marines??? I'm impressed.

    My stepfather was a Marine in Vietnam. I wrote this piece about him:

    I thank all of you for serving!

    • Carol says:

      Read your blog. It was evocative for me since I spent 18 months on Okinawa. Same reaction for me as those you know. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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