Loving the Grands

It takes a lot of effort not to brag about your grandchildren especially when they are as wonderful as mine are.  But I’m not surprised since the same problem cropped up when I had my children.  Children are all born with their own unique ways and identities and it is up to us to discover what they are.  We are the caretakers.  When they are born into a family, they bring a new dynamic for everyone.  We must adapt to their ways and their personality.

My grandson is a highly energetic young man who embraces life with an open heart that, for now, breaks easily and a constant smile.  His personality is loving exuding warmth and charming his way into one’s heart.  He loves to solve puzzles and is actually quite good with the ones I normally play.  It is so wonderful that he can see things that the game maker has tried to hide.  I’m thinking that trait should be a huge help to me in my dotage.  It was a big help even now.  He spends time with fantasy games and loves books all the while being just all boy.  He is definitive in his likes and dislikes, wants, and needs.  It’s all there right out front.

Meanwhile, his sister came into the world with a scowl and didn’t particularly care for getting to know new people.  She has warmed up in the ensuing months all the while maintaining that personal distance.  Right away, I found her one weakness.  She loves food.  My kind of girl.  She doesn’t yet seem to be a girly girl.  Her dolls and dishes are there, but she seems to like Transformers and balls better.  Perhaps, it’s just that that is what big brother, whom she adores, likes.  Her personal preferences are hard to determine right now.  She compliments her brother wonderfully since she is reserved where he is outgoing and she is deliberative whereas he is a risk taker.  They will probably be a big help to each other when they are grown.

All in all, it really doesn’t matter what they are now or later.  They were welcomed into a home where they were loved and will never lack for any food or shelter.  Their parents love not only them but also each other; the grandparents are supportive of both the children and their parents.  They sound very lucky, but really shouldn’t that be the norm.  Every child deserves to be born into such luxury.  Many, way too many, don’t.  For them, their choices will be narrower and may even turn into life or death situations.  But they all deserve the right to love, food, and shelter as well as the opportunity to grow into their own selves.

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