Odd Creatures We Are

This was a get out and see it day.  It was also the day to take Hannah and Hancock for their “look, see” at a local kennel.  This is no ordinary kennel since their registration form is similar to those required for a top secret clearance.  That was my first clue.  The second was that they offered doggie “day care”.  The last, and final, clue was that the dogs must come for a “look,see” before being boarded there.  Happily, my dogs passed and get to come back.  But, during their stay, I had to do something to pass the time.

After taking care of a little business, I headed for Gatlinburg, TN.  Hadn’t been there since forever; I knew it was Mecca for a lot of folks from Mississippi, but the vision those opinions brought, cracked like a windshield.  I had expected it to change from what it was back when I was a really young thing.  It had.  Unfortunately, not for the better.  It has grown and isn’t a quaint little town anymore.  The town traded it charm and beauty for the sake of the dollar and making a living.

I remembered it as a little village surrounded by the beauty and profound peacefulness of the Smoky Mountains.  What I saw on my drive through the main drag was all the popular chain restaurants mixed with a myriad attractions or shops filled with t-shirts, candy or trinkets.  Since the sidewalks were filled with people, I thought that by driving through I was missing something.  In my self-contained, air-conditioned environment with the radio playing nothing could be learned about Gatlinburg itself.  That something didn’t include parking and wandering through the crowded town.  As a compromise, I turned off the radio and air as I rolled down the windows.  I expected the murmur of the crowd and the sweet smell of the mountains.  What I received was the blare of canned music mixing with  that scent that occurs in any highly populated area.

I’m not judging the entire town by it’s main attraction and I will go back since, gratefully, I never did find the tea house I was seeking.  But I will go onto the off road areas and find the Smokies, the real Smokies with their unspoiled streams, wildlife, and fresh air.  God forbid I find anything imprinted with Mickey D’s logo.


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2 Responses to Odd Creatures We Are

  1. Leo says:

    I have never really been a fan of the touristy spots. When possible, I have always preferred to dig a little deeper and try to find the things most tourst-attractions do not show.

  2. cwurschmidt says:

    I'm with you on that. I can't figure out why people from a city would go to the mountains and spend their time wandering those shops and stuff. Really weird.

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