Inventive Thinking

Aunt Emma and I have always had one thing in common.  Both of us have often said how much we would like to invent something that would be useful and handy.  It wouldn’t be just for the money, but rather for the thrill of having done it.  I actually had an idea once which my daughter was excited about as well.   We researched patents and looked into all sorts of things regarding it, but before long we had to drop the idea because real life interfered with our good idea.  I still think it’s a sellable idea.

The problem is that I’m fairly content with things the way they are.  I don’t sit around wishing for stuff or griping about problems, never have, never will.  Other people will see a problem and how to make it better; generally, I’ll just move on to the next thing.  For example, never once in my whole life, did I ever want to clap my hands to turn on a television or lamp, nor did I ever want a clay figurine that would grow a plant on itself.  Obviously, it’s a personal problem.

Today, I heard about people pining because there was no light in PortaPotties. So, they invented a light that will be placed inside that is also solar charged.  What could be better?  After a lot of self-flagellation for not thinking of that,  I realized that my life for the most part hasn’t seen many PortaPotties.  So, how could I come up with that idea?  In fact, the only place you would see one at night would be at outdoor concerts or such.  Maybe, the problem with me and inventions is that I’m never in the right place at the right time.  Perhaps, this relates to not seeing the forest for the trees or maybe it is just not that important.


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