It’s a Lot of Hot Air

It’s tough to complain about the heat here after spending last summer in Mississippi with it’s 100 degrees and 70 percent humidity combining to make a real feel temperature between 110 and 115.  When I start feeling low due to the heat, it only takes remembering that my son lives near Phoenix, AZ where 100 – 110 degrees is  the norm for their summer days.  They have a drier, heat that feels like someone opened the oven door whereas Mississippi feels like living permanently in a sauna.

Here it is really, really hot if we hit 98 with a humidity of thirty or forty percent. For the locals, that is stifling weather.  Last summer, Alaskans were having heat stroke when the temperatures reached the 80’s.  It’s not what they are used to.  We’re not breaking any records around here so you know it’s been hotter.  Listening to the weather reporter makes it sound twice as hot so the best advice is to ignore them.  Tomorrow will be hot, folks, it’s July.

In January, they’ll tell us how cold it is or how it really feels and sometimes I recall how cold I was then.  Other times, I’ll linger in my closet staring at the winter clothes hanging there imagining being all bundled up.  The mantra of increasing your liquids, wearing loose clothing, and slowing down is good advice, but I like Nat King Cole’s version better:

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4 Responses to It’s a Lot of Hot Air

  1. Doris says:

    I like it!! she says, sitting at 5800 ft elevation in 70+ degrees and maybe 10% humidity. Don't know how I'm going to survive five days in Pennsylvania next month. 🙁

  2. cwurschmidt says:

    You are going to suffer, grin, and bear it. Truth is that I found a little bit of heaven here just as you have there. I am content with the heat. After all tomatoes love the heat as do green beans.

  3. Leo says:

    What amazed me was some of states in the upper Midwest got hit with severe heat waves. It hit them hard because a lot of them do not own a/c units in their homes since it does not get extremely hot.

    I figure it is only about two months (at most) a year that we deal with extreme heat. At those time I hang out inside anyway, so I am not too affected.

    • cwurschmidt says:

      That really bad week hit right after I wrote this and I didn't have time to go back and correct. That's a big oops.

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