A, B, C’s for Asher

Dear Asher,

Sadly, summer is over and your first year of school in kindergarten is beginning.   It’s a big change not only for you but also for your family.  This is one of several times in your life which will change who and what you are.  Here are some suggestions that might help you through the first few months, or maybe life.

  • A:  Always be honest with yourself and others.  Always do what is asked of you; it might open the door to a new adventure.  Always be open to learning something new since that’s what makes life interesting.  Always treat others the way you want to be treated.  Always remember that there are consequences for your actions; consequences can be good or not dependent upon your actions.  Always know that the most important thing to you right now won’t be that important next week.
  • B:  Be the best you can be at whatever you do.  Be curious and always want to know why.  Be sure that you will make mistakes, everyone does, and learn from them.  Be responsible for what you do or don’t do.  Be patient with others who may need your help to succeed at something that is easy for you.  Be sure to remember that your head can shake “yes” and it can shake “no”; use both wisely.
  • C:  Care for those who love you by loving them back.  Don’t care what others do if it isn’t right for you.  Care about the opinions of those who love you.  Care that your work in school and life is always your best possible work.  Care for yourself by getting a good night’s sleep as often as you can, exercise your mind and body everyday, and live a life filled with joy.

This probably won’t mean much to you now since you are only five years old, but, maybe, someday, it will be a guide for you while maturing from kindergartener to high school senior.  Your grandfather, Leo, always kept a poem called “The Man in the Mirror” close by and it guided him through some hard days.  Here it is for you:

The Man in the Mirror

When you get all you want and you struggle for self,

and the world makes you king for a day,

then go to the mirror and look at yourself

and see what that man has to say.

For it isn’t your mother, your father or wife

whose judgment upon you must pass,

but the man, whose verdict counts most in your life

is the one staring back from the glass.

He’s the fellow to please,

never mind all the rest.

For he’s with you right to the end,

and you’ve passed your most difficult test

if the man in the glass is your friend.

You can fool the whole world,

down the highway of years,

and take pats on the back as you pass.

But your final reward will be heartache and tears

if you’ve cheated the man in the glass.

~ Anonymous


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3 Responses to A, B, C’s for Asher

  1. Michele says:

    Thank you, Grandma. I don't understand all of what you said but my mommy is going to keep this for me so I can read it over and over again as I grow up. I'm sure I'll understand more of it later. I'm excited about kindergarten. I love you. Asher

  2. Alicia says:

    Here's the five year old version:

    A: Absolutely have fun!!!!!
    B: Be the best you can be and do the best you can do!!!!
    C: Catch lots of bugs, laughter and hearts!!!! (but leave the Flu alone)


    Auntie Licia

  3. Leo says:

    Mom, I do not think I commented when I read this because I read it on my phone at the station. I immediately forwarded it to Michele to have her read it to Asher.

    This is priceless, Mom! We made sure to save it so that we could read it to Asher and Bechan before they start every new school year. Thanks for the great advice.

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