Hannah, Hancock, and Me

If you remember, back in December, 2010, I adopted two special needs dogs.  Really only one is special needs, but they both were lacking in so many things that we all take for granted that I just say they both are needy.  My first vet visit was interesting since Hancock, the little black and white male, was underweight, had bad eyes, and needed dental work.  Hannah wasn’t much better off.  She was overweight, had an ear infection, and needed dental work.  We got through the ear infection, and Hancock has gained weight and the dental work was completed on both of them.

Unfortunately, Hannah jumped off my bed one night and injured herself so back to the vet we went.  Hannah had not only not lost weight she had gained two pounds.  That sealed the fact that the vet and I were going to have a vet-to-owner talk about how to feed an overweight dog.  Hannah had hurt her back and one knee so she went on pain killers and  “light duty” for six weeks.  Light duty for dogs means no stairs, no running, no nothing until she heals.

Now, I know the vet is right, but how does one put one dog on a diet and not the other especially when these two are BFFs.  Hancock is very jealous of everything that is done for Hannah but not for him.  He was annoyed about not getting any medicine, but got over it.  During my discussion with the vet, she suggested that I ditch the Mighty Dog added to dry dog food and instead use a rotisserie chicken.  I just kind of gave her a look and went on my way.  I’m open to a lot of ideas, but this one I had to think over.  Finally, I decided that nothing ventured, nothing gained was a truism that fit here.

Today, was the first with real, fresh chicken added to their dog food.  Not to worry since they practically licked the bowls clean.  It took about a half hour to do a small dice on the chicken and that appears to be about a three-week supply.  If that is close to reality, then, it is actually cheaper than buying wet dog food.  I can live with that.  If Hannah loses weight eating this then it’s definitely a big win.  After eight months, Hannah is finally beginning to act like a dog does and not be so beaten down all the time.  She runs, wags her tail, and has lost that forlorn, hopeless look in her eyes.

Hancock howls in protest when I leave the house and I know it’s wrong but that just thrills me.  He just wants to be where I am;  it’s not all a love thing since he’s really curious and has to know what’s happening.  The time is coming to start the leash training so we can take walks together.

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  1. Leo says:

    Thanks for the update, Mom. It sounds like they are very loved and well cared for by you.

    I know Chele's mom uses chicken livers with her dogs to add that wet element. They seem to enjoy it. LC enjoys the dry dog food so much that we never added anything else. Maybe we should one day.

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