Life is Not About the Destination

A quote attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Life is about the journey, not the destination.” That’s readily apparent when I look at my children and their lives.  They are seekers, seeking what is right for them and their spouses, seeking what is right for their children, seeking what is right for their futures which hang somewhere in the land of far, far away.  They have all my sympathy and empathy.  Life is hard and no one tells us that.  So, it isn’t about the goal but rather its about the day-to-day decisions that put us one step farther along a path leading to the destination.

Parents have all been there, done that, and wish we could impart all our knowledge to our children.  Fortunately, that’s impossible since our solutions wouldn’t necessarily be the correct one for them.  They must find their own way and the way is always fraught with misdirection and bumpy roads.  From financial issues to rearing their children to just living their lives, they must make the decisions right or wrong.  The truth is that at times the right decision will be wrong and sometimes the wrong one will be right.   If we all had the green carpet leading us as promised in a financial advertisement, then, it would all be easy, but that is not reality.

If I could tell my children or any young person anything, I would tell them to be true to themselves.  Take the negatives and welcome them as a learning experience; take the positives and hold them close as you would any treasure.  Life is for those who want to live it to the fullest;  the remaining people become dependent upon the false promises of alcohol, drugs, and any easy solution presented by those who are seeking money and fame not truth.  We must all find our own truth and live it.  We must be willing to say at the end that we did the best we could with what we had to work with.


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