Persistence Gets Information

It’s one in the afternoon and my ear buds are lying limply on the chair arm and may be somewhat misshapen.  Remember the post (That Time of My Life, July 13th) regarding my first thoughts about Medicare.  Today was Day Two of walking that path that makes you old.  You see, I’m may have to turn sixty-five, but that doesn’t mean I have to be old.

Nobody gets a choice on whether or not to have a birthday annually, we age whether  we like it or not.  The only people who really care about my age are the auto and health insurance companies as well as the government.  Because of my age, they feel free to charge me more for premiums.  No matter that the last time I had an accident was back in the 1980’s or that my health is generally great.

It was in 1965, the government decided that the “elderly” needed help and back then, people did.  Families in the sixties took care of each other and didn’t rely on the government but a little additional assistance for that older generation would have been welcomed; then, the government had plenty of money.  Today, the government takes care of everyone here and abroad; now, it is swimming in debt.  Which brings us back full circle since my generation and I can count on having government assistance whereas my children don’t count on it being funded when it’s their turn.

But back to business, a lot of mail arrived about all my Medicare options.  This, of course, doesn’t include all the health care companies mail bombarding me with explanations of all the wonderful things they are willing to do for me and my Medicare.   I read through the legitimate mail and put it aside for a week or so to let everything percolate through my brain.   You do have an option to refuse any and all Medicare.  The insurance company will gladly keep you or more correctly keep you and  Medicare Part A which covers hospitalization. My insurer is snobbish in that they don’t offer a plan where they are a secondary insurance with Medicare being the primary carrier.  They will just increase your rates each year just like they have in the past.  Yeah, that’s going to work!  My current insurer will soon be my former insurer.

Where do you turn for assistance?  Your BFF is a good resource, similar background and all that, and mine became a fountain of information since she was slightly ahead of me in the same learning curve.  For now, everything is ninety-nine percent settled and life can slow down until October when the final plan is put into action.  Overall, not such a bad ordeal.   But we’ll see later this year if the reality matches the plan.   Here’s hoping that at age eighty-five I can reminisce about these days and say that I made a good decision.


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  1. Doris says:

    You're right on when you say, "the only people who really care about my age are the auto and health insurance companies as well as the government." I don't see you as having aged at all. You still have the same spirit as when we met a millenium ago. 🙂

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