A Good Day

Ever had one of those days when a plan comes together and everything works right.  That was my day today.  It started out with me trying out my new blower.  I really needed it since sweeping grass debris just doesn’t work and neither does a push broom.  Gotta tell you though that those guys at Home Depot are laughing their bums off at me.  Fortunately, I get the last laugh.  You see, my blower isn’t a big macho thing like the guys use.  It doesn’t roar when turned on, it purrs.  Yesssssssss!  It a girlie version of the big guys’ toy.

The only negative I’ve found so far is that the battery lasts only twenty to thirty minutes; however, it’s better than a gas or electric blower.   I just blow stuff to where I want it until the battery dies, recharge and go at it again.  I had to recharge it about four times today, but I had plenty of other things to do in between the charges.  Today was yard day and it couldn’t have been prettier weather.  There I was in the garage blowing off the floor to learn how to use the thing so I wouldn’t look stupid in front of  my neighbors.

The floor had all types of debris on it and now it is 90% clean since I didn’t get under the shelves yet.  Anyway, it’s a Ryobi and a plain Jane with only has a battery and an on/off switch.  Now, that’s my kind of tool.  Theoretically, I should only have to replace the battery if it ever gets damaged.  Plus, it’s really light which is great since there is no back ache from lugging it around.  That checked “clean the garage floor” off my “to do” list. By then, the local utility district had arrived to relocate the gas meter since they installed it in the wrong place initially.  There, another to do list item checked off.  Then, I put out the last of the tree mats which requires circling the mat with a sharp-edged tool and digging out the grass before placing the mat down.  Three things off the list; I’m on a roll.

By then, it was time to mow.  Donning my hat and some gum, I filled the gas tank and started mowing.  About ninety minutes later, that job was done.  Of course, the mowing put grass debris on the driveway so that had to be blown.  Finally, I started attacking the load of debris that lay in the gutter.  It wasn’t as simple as I had thought, plus by that time, I was starting to get tired.  That little annoyance is partially done.  It will take a couple of times and a lot of effort to get it finished.  Weeds and grass have grown through the curb and it’s a mess.   Oh, well, I’ll get it under control.  That weed killer I bought will come in very handy.

The only negative today brought is that the cover on my weed eater finally blew off along with the spool that holds the line which renders a weed eater unusable.  The covers are really flimsy, but that is the only complaint I’ve got about that “toy”.  I’ve ordered two covers figuring that should get me through this year and, hopefully, next summer.  A shower and homemade chicken taco salad finished my day.  It was a good day.

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