Auto Dirt Track Racing Redux

There are some things that there wasn’t space for in the previous post, Chills, Thrills and Fun that I did want to say and show you.  This particular event was just fun, really laid back and I am already planning a second outing for a much bigger race.  But next time I’ll have some type of glasses to put on after the sun sets.  Your eyes need protection from all that dust flying around or at least mine do.  Also added to the list is ear protectors since I came home with a headache from the noise.  But other than that it was a great evening.  I have always loved speed and am totally envious of all those drivers.

It would be such fun to drive one of the cars not necessarily in a race.  Shucks, I wouldn’t mind driving a regular sports car on a track.  To be able to go fast without penalty would be heavenly.  Ah, well, everyone has a dream.  I wouldn’t even think of driving in a race, but to just have the freedom of the track seems wonderful.  While I dream, why don’t you look at some of my photos.




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3 Responses to Auto Dirt Track Racing Redux

  1. Doris says:

    Girl, where did you get your need for speed? You must be from North Carolina! 🙂

  2. Leo says:

    That is cool, Mom. Yeah, the hearing protection is a must. I take it to every NASCAR race we attend. I had not thought about eye protection. I will have to ask around to see what they use so that we are prepared when we come up in November.

    Thanks for sharing and I am very excited about seeing the dirt track racing soon!

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