I’ve Got This Thing

Today is true confessions day.  It’s time to be honest and admit that I’ve obviously got this thing about Anderson Cooper.  It’s not a romantic thing, but rather a curiosity thing.  But, I’m thinking there is hope for me yet.  It all started with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, a long time ago.   The story of Little Gloria and her troubled youth at the hands of her own family came my way and it was fascinating.   I know it was horrible for her, but she has obviously created a colorful, productive life from the ashes of her youth.

She produced a line of jeans which seemed so out of character for her.  Even then, I doubted that she ever wore denim; now that I think about it, she probably learned about jeans from dressing her four sons.  Two were fathered by her second husband, Leopold Stokowski, a noted conductor, and Carter and Anderson, fathered by her fourth husband, Wyatt Emory Cooper.

Anderson moved into mainstream media in 1995 as a correspondent for ABC news until 2000 when he became the host for a game/reality show called The Mole.  The Mole was a great show and Anderson, a perfect host seeming as mysterious as the show.  It was, I think, the second show of the reality genre to air with the first being, Survivor.  Mole took contestants through different countries as they accomplished various tasks to stay on the show until they could guess who in their group was the mole.  It was a fascinating show and interesting from the beginning until its conclusion.

That was how I became acquainted with Anderson Cooper.  His style was relaxed despite  maintaining absolute control of the contestants.  There was no flash or hysterics, no clowning, and no stupidity.  I watched the show until Anderson left at the end of the second season.  After that, it seemed to lose its magic with Anderson’s solemn demeanor gone and he quickly slipped from my mind.  The next time he popped up was in 2005 as an anchor for an evening show on CNN.  While never a regular viewer, I  would watch at times to get his take on a current event.

Then, he showed up on Live with Regis and Kelly and I wondered how this somber young man could possibly relate to such an upbeat, trivial show.  It turned out that he could actually be very funny and his sense of humor was so unexpected.  He even filled in as co-host while Regis was out for heart surgery.  Now, he has entered the talk show realm.  So, Anderson, what else is on the bucket list for your life?

Oh, yes, lest we forget, he will always be known for his giggle-gate incident while discussing the Ridiculist portion of his show.  It was potty humor at its best.  However, since this is true confessions, I must admit he lost some of his luster when I found out that he and Kathy Griffin are good friends.  That is a mismatch if I’ve ever seen one.  Anderson, too, has feet of clay.

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