Ho, Ho, Ho

It must be Christmas.  It’s either that or I’m dreaming.  Actually, it’s not a dream and I know that because the hammering and equipment running around here is very noisy.  It’s distracting making it hard to write or even think, and poor Hancock is driving himself crazy.  Even as I write this, the new shingles are being delivered and half the roof doesn’t have any shingles on it.   It was the hail that did me in with shingles, some fascia boards and gutters ruined.

Later this week, the men come to start work on a new deck and next week the furnace guy is coming to install a natural gas furnace/air conditioning unit.  By the end of next week, I will be heat pump free.  This winter the vents will blow warm rather than cool air.  It all started about a month ago or so.  I was determined, or as my husband called it North Carolina stubborn, that this winter my house would be warm without having to wear three or four layers of clothing or covering up with blankets while sitting next to a portable heater.

My neighbor recommended the man who did his furnace; I called and that led to checking on fireplaces which led to needing to have them framed.  That led to a recommendation from the fireplace store of a man who frames them in and, yet, is so much more.  Turns out he’s a contractor with a crew of people to do roofs, decks, and any other work I need done.  Turns out he got the job.  It didn’t hurt any that he is a terrific guy who comes across as honest and hard-working.

After all the ballyhoo I went through this spring, it’s more than nice to see a plan finally come together.  The truth is it was worth the wait.  First of all, I prefer the contractor I have now to any of the others I met; we click and that is important.  He takes the time to think about what is required and what is best for me which is a really important trait.  If I think things through, and I do, then, it’s not excessive to want the contractor to do the same.  So, it seems as though I have found a good match for what I want to have done.  If I’m right, the proof will be in the final results.  It’s scary, but it’s a good scary and isn’t October a good month for a little fright.  Oh, so, it’s not really Christmas.

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3 Responses to Ho, Ho, Ho

  1. Doris says:

    Glad to see your plans coming true. Will this contractor do your inside renovations too?

  2. Tony says:

    "it’s more than nice to see a plan finally come together." – don't you mean "I Love it when a plan comes together!", in true A-Team style!

    Glad you got everything sorted.

    • cwurschmidt says:

      HI, Tony. Thanks for reading my blog posts. Yes, that\’s what is meant. Some of this stuff I have been trying to do since January. At this point, I \’m just glad to get anything done.

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