Now, That’s What I’m Talking About

Finally, I am seeing some progress on the remodeling issue that has been in the works since last January.  It feels wonderful to see it happening after losing so much hope this past spring.  There are no before pictures of my kitchen but here is the after shot.  It’s amazing what changing out the tile can do.  It made the cabinets look so much better.  Honestly, that one change made everything look better.

But, for me,  the best change is that stove.  No more glass top to fuss with, no more electric stove, no more waiting, waiting, and waiting for the burner or oven to heat up.  God bless the man who invented gas stoves.  Now, the only question is what to fix to eat.

As for the deck that should never have been built, it is now history as in gone, gone, gone.  It was narrow, poor quality, and splintered.  Here’s a look at it before; the handsome young man is my grandson, Asher.







This photo shows what will be.  The deck is finished except for steps and railing.  The new roofed area will be a screened in porch.  No more dive bombing bees.  That’s something I can live with and without.   I’ve missed my porch in Jackson.  In another week or so, there will be the old wrought iron furniture out there.  If I can get the wicker repainted, it could end up out there as well.


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  1. Jeanette Spence r says:

    I love it. I really love the stove. That does look really nice in there. The deck also looks great. It looks like it will be worth the wait. I am happy for you.

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