Watching the New

Since season one or two, Project Runway is always fascinating to me.  While not sure what makes it so fun to watch, it is never, ever dull.   It has angst, tears and defensive retorts enough to keep the drama up and often surprising with the winner they pick for a show.  Watching those models parade down the runway always makes me smile; these young thin-as-a-rail girls with small hips and tiny breasts  sashay down, ending with a provocative pose, before whipping around and returning to the other end all the time with a pouty, smirky look pasted on their face.

The best shows are when designers are asked to make an outfit from unusual products.  Sometimes it’s trash; this year, it was paper products like you would get at a party store. The contestants ripped, tore, and cut those paper items before applying them to muslin outfits.  Some were dyed and others left as they were bought.  There were some really beautiful outfits but others were just blah.

My favorite this season was Anya Ayoung-Chee from Trinidad.  She taught herself to sew just four months before auditioning for the show.  Although they had doubts about her sewing ability, the judges decided to give her a try since the dresses she had prepared were really good.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but last night was the finale and she won.  You won’t see me wearing any of her outfits since she specializes in front and back plunges, but the clothes were beautiful.

Truthfully, I love to hear what the judges have to say.  The panel is made up of Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia along with a weekly guest judge.  Some of their comments are really interesting since they say what they think good or bad.  Michael Kors is always good to have a memorable comment.  He can reduce a proud designer to total humility with one sentence.

Heidi Klum is the star of the show, but her sidekick Tim Gunn adds a lot of flavor with his quips.  Heidi has earned the right to host a show like Project Runway with all her experience and she has really good instincts.  She, too, can stop a designer in their tracks with one sentence.  However, it is the contestants who drive this show.  They are necessarily ego driven, creative artists who need guide lines and guidance.  This year’s final four contestants were all good, but what made them better than others was that they listened to what was said during the judging and applied the advice to what they were doing without losing their own inner drive that compels them to create.

So, now I’m up on what is new and fashionable.  I won’t be purchasing any of their clothes since I am for the most part running around in jeans and tops.  I have done the fashion thing as my pocket-book allowed and I’m done with it.  But many of the things seen this season will, I’m sure, trickle down into the local Wal-Mart.

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