What is Fair?

A CBS morning show advertised that Martin Sheen would discuss family.  My first thought was, “Yeah, he’s the one I want to hear from about family.  Charlie is such a fine example.”  But then, the question arose of how long should a parent be held responsible for the actions of their children.  The gut reaction is always.  The reality is that at some point children become responsible for themselves and for their actions.

It turns out that Martin Sheen himself was addicted to narcotics at a time when Charlie was young.  So, not only was there a greater chance of addiction through heredity, but he also had that role model at an impressionable age.  During this year, Charlie has essentially mooned the country ranting on to anyone who would listen.  What’s incredible is that people paid to listen.  Not surprisingly, they then had the nerve to complain about the rant with some walking out of the show.  Reminds me that a fool and their money are soon parted.

There is a very nice woman I know locally who is really nice, responsible, caring and steady.  Her adult, i.e., over 18, son is another story.  He is a hard worker so that lesson got through, but he can and will be totally irresponsible given the opportunity.  He is quick to learn, but quickly tells you everything he ever learned.  I remember my kids going through that stage, as have all of us, when they were convinced that they knew everything.   He’s worked at a variety of jobs and has some knowledge of each of them, but it’s doubtful that he has an in-depth knowledge of much.

For his mother, I grieve knowing what she is going through and the worry that is a constant.   It’s probable that he has some problem with drugs, but if so, he’s a dabbler.  Charlie Sheen he isn’t.  Plus, it’s possible that there is some ADD, hyperactivity or both.  He admits to being bored when there is nothing to do.    For him, time is the best solution.  Hopefully, he will mature and learn that it is often better not to know everything.

I don’t hold his mother responsible for her son’s actions.  Perchance, I shouldn’t hold Martin Sheen responsible for his son’s bad decisions.  In truth, it is none of my business or my responsibility.   My time for that worry and angst is past; for that, I am eternally grateful.


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  1. Alicia says:

    I'm still in that stage!!! Probably won't grow out of it!!

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