Bedroom Prisoner

I have been moved out of my comfort zone.  I’m sure we all do it, have that one spot that you love and depend on to always be there for you.  No matter how bad the day you always have that spot to go to.  Mine has been dispersed throughout the house.  That favorite chair and ottoman is in one area, the side table in another, and the television is unhooked.  Part of the furniture for my living room is in the sitting area and foyer while I am in my bedroom most days.

Please understand that I’m not complaining; I asked for this.  What is now a living room was originally meant to be a screened porch, but became a perfect wind tunnel for our high winds.  The builder ended up enclosing it, but it was a hybrid.  While that is nice for a car, it just doesn’t work for a room.  So we raised the floor and put in wood floors which looks wonderful and makes it a part of the house.  That’s why everything has been moved out of the room.  Next, the contractors will frame out the area for a gas fireplace which arrives later this week.  Then, I’ll be able to move back in.

But for now, that isn’t the way it is.  First, I sat in my chair and worked as I usually do.  That worked for a couple of days before the noise became unbearable to the point that you couldn’t think.  Reluctantly, I moved further away to my bedroom.  The dogs are upset with all the folderol and noise.  They didn’t bargain for this when they came here.  So, now in the bedroom is my computer, two dogs with their beds and toys, occasionally the cat deigns to join us, and me propped up on my bed typing away.

All the back doors are essentially blocked so Hannah and I walk through a maze of wood and tools skirting around the big saw while Hancock is carried since he is partially blind.  They manage to find a clear spot that’s appropriate for them to take care of business before we return to our current cocoon of safety.  Everything will return to normal by the end of the week and I know one human and two dogs who will all be very grateful.


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  1. Doris says:

    Carol, I think you're really hitting your stride as a blogger/commentator. Honestly, you could be the next Andy Rooney!

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