It’s Me, God

I wanted to do something that I don’t do often enough.  Just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely weather we are currently having.  The sky couldn’t be bluer nor the sun brighter warming the skin where there is a slight chill.  And thanks for all the mountains that ring my home.  I do love the way they stand like sentinels guarding what we humbly call home.  Right now, they are spectacular with the hues of orange, red and yellow.  Yes, the peak of color has passed and some trees are bare, but those that aren’t dazzle me.

As you know, the pasture behind my house gives me so much pleasure much as a favored video watched over and over.  This particular vignette changes with the seasons.  The cattle have returned after feeding in other pastures.  There is a white-faced black one that checks the work being done in my backyard and I’m grateful for his concurrence that all is well.  They will stay there during the winter before moving on once again in the spring.  It’s then that I get to watch the farmer disc and prepare the field for planting.  Afterward, it’s rewarding to watch the crops grow, be cut, and then gathered into huge circular bundles before being transported to a barn.  It’s a lot of work, God, and I’m thankful I’m not a farmer.

I don’t want to forget to thank you for the flocks of birds that arrive each fall on their way south.  Watching them is a natural wonder as they move without mishap in such large numbers.  It’s said that you know all and if so, then, you understand how they move with such grace and beauty.  The sound of their wings flapping simultaneously is like no other and I’m grateful for the opportunity to hear it.  I almost forgot about the geese who pass through here spring and fall honking the news of their arrival.  It was amusing to hear them calling out that one night I was outside, but wonderous that no dogs barked at the noise.

I guess you know it worries me when I hear a bunch of dogs excitedly barking at night.  Oh, I don’t mean that I’m scared.  It’s just worrisome since I’m hoping that none are hurt or that no harm has come to their owners.  Would you tell me that life and death go hand in hand and not to worry?  Of course.   Yet, there is a soft heartedness in me for animals.  No, no, I’m not running out to join PETA or march on Washington; I’ll just continue doing the small bit that I can.

Well, it’s about time to go to sleep now.  Thanks for the talk; I feel better now.  I’ll see you in the sun tomorrow.  Oh, and God, would you tell Andy Rooney job well done?




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2 Responses to It’s Me, God

  1. Doris says:

    Carol, this is beautiful!

  2. Jeanette Spencer says:

    What a beautiful picture, both graphic and with words.

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