Looking At the Dream Book

During the early 1900s, if you wanted something that wasn’t sold locally, a catalogue was the answer.  Sears catalogues sold everything in those days including houses some of which still stand today.  Before Christmas, a special catalogue sent out with just toys and gifts was often referred to as a wish book.  It wasn’t until 1925 that the first Sears & Roebuck store was opened whereas the catalogue started in 1906.

It’s amusing that companies still sell catalogues with everything available online.  I must admit that I love receiving them. With Christmas coming, the number sent to a household multiplies as they all vie for their share of the Christmas dollar.  Any trip to the mailbox invariably has two or three catalogues to make it worth the short walk.  They are fun to scan through dawdling and dreaming.   There is a perfect big stuffed dog for the granddaughter or perhaps she would like the pony that’s probably as tall as she is at eighteen months.  And what to get for my grandson, maybe a science projects gift that’s age appropriate.  Well, maybe not, since I can easily imagine him blowing up his bathroom, bedroom, or Mom’s kitchen.

As always, here is the Harry and David catalogue items; it all looks yummy, but isn’t unless you are a non-discriminating carnivore.  For my daughter and daughters-in-law there is the slinky little black apron.  Oh, yeah, that’s what they need.  My favorite so far is the Lee Valley catalogue.  They offer quality products and all of them are practical useful gifts.

It’s a nice break from the computer to leaf through a catalogue.  If you receive a phone call or take a break, you just lay it down where it waits for your return with no need to refresh or other internet blitzkrieg.  While all the technology is appreciated, there are times when the simple is not only appropriate but desired.  So, to all those companies out there, keep those catalogues coming.  I promise to leaf through them all before using or recycling.


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  1. Michele says:

    Asher has been looking through his 'dream book' all week…the toy catalog from Target! He has already circled everything he wants and shown us a thousand times. It's fun to hear the excitement in his voice even as my mind is calculating the cost!!

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