Oh My Goodness

Believe it or not, ready or not, the holiday seasons is upon us.  Finally, my remodeling venture is finished and furniture is once again in all the rooms where it belongs.  There are only a few paintings left to hang and we can call this experiment finished.  It isn’t a moment too soon either.  All the beds are freshly made and clean towels are hung and most of the housecleaning is done.  Only the kitchen is left and there’s too much to do in there to even think about mopping the floor.

You see before too long this house will be full and the fun will begin.  Alicia arrives today with Cliff, his family and in-laws arriving in about 48 hours.  Including myself, there will eight of us here for Thanksgiving.  I haven’t had that many people at my house since Alicia got married and that was almost seven years ago.  I am out of practice, but I am a planner extraordinare.  What I am not is good at following the plan that is laid out, but I am good about catching up on all the stuff that didn’t get done.  It all evens out and it all gets done.

The menu looks good, at least on paper, it does.  Lots of veggies and, of course, the star of the show, the turkey will cover the table.  Desserts will be plentiful and it’s easy to predict a lot of full tummies.  Football and televised parades will be the order of the day along with the meal.  A slow, relaxing day is the goal; reality may turn out to be a little different.  To me, Thanksgiving isn’t all about the food, but rather the camraderie with family and friends.

For you all, I wish a warm, family centered day that can be feasted on for days leaving lingering memories that will last a long time.  Take the opportunity to reconnect with your family and take the pictures to dwell on for years to come.  Enjoy it all and live to tell the next generation about it years from now.  Remember the next day is Black Friday and the shopping frenzy for Christmas will begin.  Ho, ho, ho.

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