They’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain

After flying through three-time zones, my daughter, Alicia, arrived here for Thanksgiving thanks to a two stop, fourteen hour flight.  Even she would admit to being a little ragged when she got here.  I admit to almost knocking a man down who happened to be between us when she came through the revolving door.  After a sub and a slow ride home with lots of excited talking on both our parts, she began to slow down some but I kept her awake until East Coast bedtime to try to help her get over the jet lag.

Cliff, his family and in-laws literally came up the mountains, around and through them.  He drove through a rain storm on two lane roads in pitch dark “up hill all the way” to finally arrive at the exact time he predicted.  My daughter-in-law climbed out with that deer-in-the-headlights look of all Moms who have kept an eighteen month old and a five-year old entertained for all those hours.  Of all my family, she really deserves a medal since there was nary a complaint just lots of smiles and hugs.  And so it all began.

Can we just stop here and talk about my dogs?  They are acclimated to a quiet home with little movement occasionally going out or wandering to another room.  They sleep, eat, and thoroughly enjoy their life.  Having the contractor’s crew in the house totally upset them and with little rest here comes Alicia who is constantly in motion followed by Cliff and his crew.  Honestly, I didn’t know that two dogs could be so terrorized by two little kids who are really good children.  The grands loved that they could run a circle around the inside of my house.  Before too many laps were finished, the dogs decided that they were being chased.

By day two, the dogs were terrorized and really there wasn’t any reason for it.  Hannah started hiding behind furniture or in her kennel and Hancock who can never resist being nosy alternated between hiding in the kennel or running away from kids who weren’t chasing him.  Last night, he huddled pitifully next to my feet begging for mercy so I picked him up and held him in my lap.  But the best part was when Hancock fell into lust with baby girl’s new teddy bear.

It is a handsome bear, but it was embarrassing how much Hancock wanted to snuggle with that bear.  He loves his toys and always keeps one close by;  when stressed, he picks one up and holds on to it in a near death grip.  So, a couple of them have new teeth marks right now.  When things settle down, that dog is getting his own teddy bear.  After all, love cannot be denied.

It was one of the best Thanksgivings ever and I’ve been lucky enough to have some good ones.  I’m not sure if it was the fact that I had folks near my age to talk to as well as the adult kids or if it was just the good-natured fun that reigned.  There’s nothing like noshing with three tired, giggly females butt to butt in a kitchen.  It’s been too long since I’ve done that.  And there’s nothing like your grandchildren in your house to bring the joy and life that makes a house a home.  Y’all come back now, ya heah.

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5 Responses to They’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain

  1. Michele says:

    We had a blast too! Asher is still talking about the visit and wishing he were back at Grandma’s house! You are the perfect hostess and everything was wonderful! Cliff was practically drooling over the leftovers when I put them in his lunch for the fire station today.

    Thank you again for having us all over for the holidays. Maybe this will be the start of an annual tradition!

    Merry Christmas!

    • cwurschmidt says:

      I miss him, too. He was such fun this visit as was everyone else. Hope Cliff and Becs are feeling better.

  2. Doris says:

    What a wonderful start to the holiday season! Our house is now silent as a tomb after six houseguests and 30 dinner guests have departed.

  3. Leo says:

    We had an awesome time and really hated to leave! I am looking forward to having us all back up there again soon and possibly having you down here for Christmas! We realized we passed by the dirt track on our way out and I looked it up on the web. That will be fun to watch when we come visit in the Spring!

    Thanks for a great Thanksgiving. Even with being slightly sick, it was still one of my favorites!!

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