A Special Request

Children are forever asking their parents for something, usually its money, but recently I had a request from my son, Cliff, that I couldn’t resist.  Let me explain.  This is the child who never complains, couldn’t define whining until he had children of his own, and only rarely asks for something from his parents.  This time he didn’t even ask for money but rather asked for my help.

Like any parent, this is one request I couldn’t deny him.  Cliff has grown into a fine young man who handles a home, family (wife and two children aged five and 18 months), job and a business he and his wife run.  Along with that, he is involved in multiple volunteer jobs.  To say that his responsibilities are overwhelming is to make an understatement.  One of his volunteer positions is through his church which sponsors a group that travels to a small town, Ndjemane, in Senegal.  There they provide crucial medical assistance along with other needs while sharing the gospel to this primarily Muslim town.

Cliff has, and still could, worked as an EMT which is important in his current job as a firefighter for the Charlotte Fire Department.  He uses his personal leave to go on these mission trips where he handles basic medical care prior to the Senegalese seeing a doctor.  His wife supports him going on these trips because she understands how important it is to him, to the church, and to the friends he’s made in Senegal.  Currently, the group is planning a mission trip February, 2nd – 11.  He asks for support from his friends and family asking me to help spread the word among my circle of friends to assist with the upcoming trip.  I didn’t ask why he needed the support, but knew he wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important.

All funds provided go directly to pay for supplies the group takes with them since each person is responsible for providing the funds needed for their trip.  If you would like further information, he has provided two resources for your use.  They are my son’s blog,  http://goalepignosis.com as well as the site where updates for each trip are provided at http://charlottetosenegal.com/.  If you can’t make a donation, please spread the word about the work that this group does and ask others to help.  Little bits when combined can become big donations.  Cliff and his wife, Michele, thank each of you for whatever you can do even if it is just keeping them in your prayers.

Cliff asked me to say that posts such as his and mine aren’t meant as fundraisers but rather to let everyone know what they are doing and the importance of the job at hand.  I was never impressed with the idea of “it takes a village” preferring that we each shoulder our own responsibilities to make the wheel we know as life to keep turning.   But everyday I realize more and more that the world is compressing thanks to all the technology and we strive to make available to everyone in the world all the wonderful things we have and which are often taken for granted.

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