Driving Attitudes

At one time, there were a lot of articles regarding road rage and the sometimes dire consequences of such actions.  What is never discussed is older drivers and their effect on driving conditions.   Living in an area where there are a lot of older drivers it would be easy to talk about the little old lady driving a consistent 35 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone.  Everyone passed her without delay and I wondered if she cared that her speed, or lack thereof, could possibly cause an accident.

Driving attitudes vary so much that it is a wonder there aren’t more accidents.  Long ago when my friends and I were all in our early thirties. one espoused a theory that the “older” drivers of our time went along slower than everyone else because driving wasn’t second nature to them.  There were no cars when they were young and driving was often acquired when they were adults.  My friend made a good point and I’ve never forgotten what she said.

My daughter and I often disagree on our driving capabilities.  I have always loved speed and driven fast.  I feel more in control with speed fidgeting and fussing when sitting in traffic.  Alicia used to drive fast, or at least the speed limit, but after years of living in Alaska with their road conditions and probable moose crossing the highway at any point, she drives in a more sedate manner.  While traveling together in Texas, she was driving 60 on a 70 speed limit highway.  She was still wary of moose and not understanding her point of view, I nagged asking her to increase her speed.  Finally on learning the reason she moved so slowly, I assured her there were no moose in Texas.

This visit, she took over my vehicle which tells me she is not at all comfortable with my driving.  At least this time, she drove the speed limit which is all I ask.  That trip, there was no nagging or sniping from either of us making it much more pleasant.  Truth to tell, I don’t mind that she commandeered my car.  I rarely get the opportunity to ride with someone and find it a joy when I do get the chance.

Hopefully, our generation of  “older” drivers will do a better job of driving as the limitations of age fall upon us.  Driving is a privilege no matter what the age and for many of us it is still a pleasure.  Drive on America and pray the Gods of gasoline keep the cost reasonable.




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