Feeding the Body

If you remember, a previous post discussed a resolution to eat only healthy foods for the month of January.  Eating healthy precludes any processed foods, fatty sweets and includes vegetables and fruits.  Over the past few days, time was spent making granola which is a staple for me along with other meals.  I started making granola several years ago and found that the homemade granola is infinitely superior to the one bought in a store.  While watching Michele, my daughter-in-law making her recipe over Christmas, I noticed that she didn’t stir it at all whereas I was stirring every 15 minutes.  Hers was chunky; mine is just a lot of loose pieces.  This time I made it her way and it tastes so much better.  I can’t explain why nor do I really care.  Time was saved and taste improved.

My pantry and fridge are always packed so the kitchen was primed for my January resolution.  But I have spent more time in the kitchen this past week than I care to reveal.  Today, it was veggie lasagna, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, and lamb for gyros for the coming week.  Last week it was chicken salad with grapes,  pasta fagioli soup, and eggs.

Leftovers are frozen for future meals and the variety is more to my liking.  Normally, I will eat out at least once a week varying between home cooked restaurants to a McD’s Big Mac. That too is off the list for this month and I miss it most of all.  Sometimes it is nice to have someone else cook for you and not have to clean the dishes.  Truth to tell, it’s probably cheaper for me to eat out than not, but it isn’t healthy so it’s off the table for now.

As I sit here with my feet up, relaxing with the laundry almost finished, it’s easy to admit that I’m worn out but the fruits of my labor will be enjoyed all week.  It makes me think of all those women/mothers/wives out there who do this every day week in and week out three times a day.  I did it once, but I couldn’t do it now.   Hopefully, I won’t go back to the few bad eating habits acquired last year, but for the rest of this year if I want to eat veggie lasagna, I’ll buy it.

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