Game of Clenched Teeth

Tech toys are a particular favorite of mine and the Kindle Fire has renewed that passion.  The first focus was inevitably the book section.  Books to loan, books to buy, books everywhere followed by reading until I thought my eyes would bleed.  Untroubled by such minor things, I read book after book after book.  It was heavenly to find a newer, easy source of books plus finding a whole new source of authors.  There is a plan to get to the magazine and newspaper section, but admittedly there hasn’t yet been time to look at it. 

The Fire comes loaded with all sorts of goodies including a game called Angry Birds which  is addictive, hard, and fun.  Hours have steadily piled up trying to learn this game.  The game contains a variety of birds, small blue ones who when tapped in flight will split into three birds.  There are the red and yellow ones who have more heft than the little blue ones.  The aim of the game is to sling these birds into a fort made of wood and glass and maim the snotty, grinning fat pigs who have stolen the birds babies.  Sounds so easy and all you need is a good strategy  as well as hand and eye coordination. 

Starting play in early December, I managed the first few stages of level one with only minor difficulty one would associate with learning a new game.  Before I knew it Christmas had arrived and I was with my five-year old grandson.  He has the same game loaded on his iPod and played it with wild abandon.  To my chagrin he and I are on the same level, but he leaves it refreshed and happy.   Meanwhile, my play is way, way too intense and laced with constant frustration and aggravation.  Strategy is easy enough but hand and eye coordination are severely lacking.  This game brings out all my bad sides which are normally hidden and I just want to personally strangle those pigs.  With that in mind, rules were established.  Now, my play time is limited to about 15 minutes per day.  This will be slow going, but I will prevail and learn all the levels of this game.  I just hope the dental bill isn’t too painful.

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