Life Altering Event

During a recent conversation, it was noted that I had an event that will forever change the way I am treated medically.  I see it as another blip in a lifetime of blips.  Before an actual event, there are signs or signals that something is wrong.    You know what I’m talking about.  Those little things that niggles at the conscious mind, but within minutes are forgotten.  Even if you remembered them, it still wouldn’t be a prompt to call the doctor.

I knew that I had felt overwhelmingly tired for a couple of days prior to the attack itself which turned out to be a sign.  Had I known, I wonder if I would have gone to the doctor only to tell him I was so very tired.  I wonder what the doctor would have done.  Possibly passed it over, as I did, as a sign of someone who was doing too much.   The weariness had been coming on for months, but I was too busy to notice.  Then, there were those times when for less than a minute I would have to pant to get my breath.  It’s a classic symptom of which I was unaware. 

In May, 2010, I went to my local doctor for stomach pains combined with nausea for which he gave me a prescription which resolved the problem.   My cardiologist and I speculated as to whether or not that was the first sign.  We’ll never know.   Most people associate chest pains along with pain down the left arm with heart attacks, but some, life me, have no pain at all.  Others will have pain in their neck, jaw or shoulders.  The symptoms of an actual heart attack vary between men and women and may be different for older people.  Knowing what the most common symptoms are can help.   Here is a site that can help acquaint you with the most common ones,  Empower yourself with knowledge and live a long healthy life.

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