New Year Starts

Well, whoopee, the year of 2012 is here.  If I don’t sound excited it’s because I really hate the new year to do list.  I always have one so this is nothing new.  But it’s time to close the files for last year and begin the ones for this year.  I would rather clean house than do files which isn’t saying much.  What makes it worse is that for the past year I have been throwing all the “keep” paperwork into a pile in a closet so I must now go through each piece of paper.  It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I finally got a file cabinet and set it up.  I have a feeling there will be a big purge happening.  The good news is that I usually get all the paperwork for my taxes together at the same time so that job will be done.  In late February, all of the tax info will go into a manilla folder and forwarded to my CPA.  Essentially, I do two rotten, aggravating jobs at the same time to lessen the pain.

This year I have added an extra job for myself.  I am dedicating myself to eating only healthy foods for the month of January.  The idea comes from a fellow I worked with who each January never drank any alcohol.  The rest of the year he could drink whenever or wherever, but the month of January was spent in total sobriety.  The idea spurred me to try it with healthy food.  I veered away from healthy eating and am finding it hard to get back on track.  Oddly enough, my eating habits aren’t unhealthy necessarily if you don’t count the apple fritters, bags of chocolate, and other assorted sweets consumed over the past few months.  My daughter-in-law, Michele, is joining me on this venture.  We are our own support group.  Early February should bring some interesting results for both of us.  Already, I am debating whether or not excluding chocolate includes hot chocolate.  That doesn’t seem quite fair and, yet, cheating is cheating.

If I were smart I would add in requiring exercise a couple of times each week, but there is only so far I can push myself.  Maybe that should be a goal for February.  If I were really good, I would try to do something good for me each month.  But, no, that just seems too demanding.  I’ll just try to get through January.

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2 Responses to New Year Starts

  1. Michele says:

    You mean chocolate is off limits this month?! Oops! Can I start over then?! Starting today, January 7, I am eating healthy! 🙂 Thanks for keeping me honest! I found a great recipe for Lara Bars that I’m going to try today. It uses almonds, pecans, Medjool dates, and dried fruit. I thought it might be a good snack option. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

    • Yaaaaay! Someone else who thinks chocolate is as essential as air. I thought you said no sweets so I have laid off; however, in a moment of deep, dark weakness I ate 4 pieces of the pretzels with white chocolate and peppermint. Amazingly enough, it didn’t taste that good. Michele, we all fall off the wagon; the trick is to get back on.

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