Reading the Signs

We have a lot of churches in this area all of which tend to be small and most  have a sign board out front with a new quip weekly.  Over the past year or so, I have admittedly enjoyed reading all these quips.  Slowly but surely, some are forgotten while others are remembered.  At first, I wondered where all these quips come from, is there an annual book of quips published or is there some site that has lists of them available for pastors.  That’s a question that may never be answered.

Most of them use puns to get their main idea across to the drivers and passengers as they drive by.  My all-time favorite so far read, “Board broken, message inside”.  It is simple, to the point and the message is well taken.  Another favorite  was “God answers all kneel mail” a timely message with a modern twist.   One week, one board said “We’re not Dairy Queen, but we have cool Sundays.”

These seemingly insignificant moments have made an impact on me and hopefully, on others.  They don’t make me want to join their church, but they do make you think about attending and the message inside.  However, they have additional messages at some of the churches including ones for turkey shoots which involve neither turkeys or shooting them.  It is target shooting which which provides a time of fellowship and good fun for the membership.  Another offers dinner and a movie while yet another offers yoga.

Churches have always provided a variety of social occasions to keep members busy with fellow parishoners for centuries.  I remember attending all types of events as soon as I was old enough all of which were totally fun.  It’s good to provide something for young people and adults to do in an environment that is healthy and in their best interest.  There are thousands of negative influences for people today all of which glitter and bedazzle which are for the benefit of those who provide the influences.  Why not have one that benefits the attendees.

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