Respect the Power

Mother Nature seems to be on a tear this year and has definitely messed with my mind.   Summer and fall of 2011 was spent preparing for the 2011/2012 winter so that I would never be as cold as I was the previous winter.  It’s March now and I’m still waiting for winter.  The fur-lined slippers weren’t wasted, but this warm winter meant they weren’t really necessary.   In bloom in December, daffodils waved their  bright faces next to the Santa display at a home and still make the days cheerful.  Crocus are spearing up as robins gleefully pluck worms from the earth.

The January thaw meant temperatures in the 70’s rather than the 50’s and February brought even warmer weather that felt more like early April.   The powerful winds that blow through each spring bringing tornadoes and flooding rains are here now while the calendar says it’s still winter.  Already, they course through bringing destruction and death with a strength that’s worrisome since there are months left when stronger storms are sure to come.

You know the weather is strange when Cleveland, OH has a fairly warm winter with their yards bare of snow for extended periods.  Meanwhile, Alaska had so much snow that towns were temporarily isolated and roofs caved in under the weight of this nearly all-time record snow.  Alaskan government officials have run out of places to put snow taken off the highways and are dumping it in the ocean.  The highway medians’ collection is so high that you can’t see oncoming traffic.  Alaskans are used to snow expect and want it, but this amount of snow has taken even them by surprise.

Over the years, various advertisements have advised us not to “mess with Mother Nature” or “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”.   But the reverse is also true.  Really, Mother Nature, it’s not nice to fool us like this.



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2 Responses to Respect the Power

  1. Michele says:

    Well said! We have been wearing shorts the past couple of weeks and I think I only wore my winter coat a dozen times this season! It makes me wonder what the summer is going to bring?!

  2. Leo says:

    Great visualization as always, Mom. We definitely experienced the same thing here. I am trying to remember if we even had snow this year. I hope the summer stays mild also. That would be glorious.

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