Standing Amazed and Humbled

Grandchildren are amazing creatures.  I have two so far and admittedly am totally mesmerized by them.  The amaze me with their personalities that spark joy and delight.  The son, Asher, is fascinated by Lego’s yet has a wide range of loves enjoying soccer which fits his energy level perfectly and yet is totally comfortable reading or coloring.

The granddaughter, Ella Becs, entered this world with a stern attitude but metamorphosed into a little girl who captivates with a quick smile or hug.  Her reserved attitude toward the world in general changes in a twinkle with family.  In no time at all, she learned the power of charm and a smile.  It was always mysterious to me how my husband could succumb totally to his daughter whenever she smiled at him.  Now, that mystery is solved; I understand.

After hearing about the need for clean water in Africa, Asher decided he wanted to raise money to help the children there.  With some direction from his Mom and Dad, he decided that rather than just ask for money, he is offering three ways to earn it.  He is selling hearts for one dollar, sweeping porches or steps for two dollars, and making note cards for five dollars. 

His parents provided the supplies and he provided the labor to make the cards using crayons and stamper.  The goal was to earn twenty dollars in donations to be turned in by March 18th.  So far, this six-year-old has raised approximately $137.00 since February 27th.  Already, he’s helping change the world.  I stand amazed and humbled at what he can accomplish.

Being older can at times seem cruel and unwanted until you look into the eyes of that grandchild.  Suddenly, the sun shines brighter, dark clouds fade away, and all is right with the world.  We become a willing slave to these sprites flitting through our life and that’s the way it has been forever.  Thank goodness for family and for life.







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4 Responses to Standing Amazed and Humbled

  1. Judy Payne says:

    Couldn’t happen without your wonderful son and our awesome daughter. God is good.

  2. Jeanette Spencer says:

    I saw on his blog where he was doing this. I think this is awesome that he is earning the money. What a great job he has dome.

  3. Michele says:

    It has been amazing the insight these kids have given me into my parents. I have an even greater respect and understanding for decisions my parents made with me while growing up now that I’m on the other side of things. We are very proud of Asher and his desire to help others. He has the best example of serving others in his dad and I know Bechan will follow in his footsteps because she copies everything her big brother does!

  4. Leo says:

    Great post, Mom. It is cool to see the kids grow up and show what great hearts they have. I, too, have enjoyed watching Becs blossom into a girl with such a fun personality. I cannot wait to see what these two kids have in store to reveal to Michele, you, and me.

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