If Needy, Ask

Thanks, Mother Nature, I owe you one or, maybe, many.   As soon as I wrote about how dry everything is and of the barely bearable heat, you change everything up.  It all came in on howling winds blowing in straight lines shredding trees and life as we know it.  They heralded a welcomed cold front that brought temperatures back to normal and with them rain, much needed, much wanted rain.  They also brought death and destruction to the Smoky Mountains and it’s environs and for that we are less welcoming.  With all electricity off and the doors open, the wind moaned quietly through the storm lending an eerie tone to the evening as dark fell.

Two weeks ago, temperatures ranged in the 100’s whereas today it is closer to 70.  Fog hides the mountain view closing in to a few trees and the cool, damp weather makes the body beg for warm food.  Predictably, the first dry day will be serenaded by the hum of mowing and weed eating.  So, it was that between rounds of rain, my lawn mower was gassed and rolling.  It could be heard complaining at times where clumps of weeds had grown fat, but trim it did.  There are still a lot of brown spots and, I fear, some of the few bits of grass are dead.

So, the spreader I was thinking about buying has rapidly become a necessity.  Pulled along behind my mower, it will weed, feed, and seed quite nicely.  Maybe next year there will be green grass once again along with fewer weeds.  As I sit here planning a To-Do list for this fall, I’m wondering if I should double the normal amount of seed since the birds are bound to flock in and eat their fill.  Hundreds flew into the farmer’s field next door after he planted hay and it was a sight to behold and hear.  You can’t hear one bird fly, but you can hear a flock sounding almost like a low-level fan.

Sitting here, drying out and recuperating from the heat and humidity, the air conditioner hums out it cooling draft.  Lollygagging is a resplendent activity and well-earned today.  Now, all I have to do is pray for more rain that hopefully will make the grass green and growing if it’s salvageable.  Homeownership is such fun.




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4 Responses to If Needy, Ask

  1. Doris says:

    “Lollygagging is a resplendent activity … ” Thanks, I needed that justification. Lollygagging and activity in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron, don’t you think?

    I’m so glad you’re writing again, Carol. It’s good for you, and I know it’s good for your readers.

  2. Jeanette Spencer says:

    We could also use some much needed rain. I hope the rain is headed our way, but I am loving the warm temperatures.

  3. Judy Payne says:

    Yes and Amen! I was amazed to discover in my garden, after that long hot spell, that plants I thought were dying actuallly put on a whole new growth and are once again producing veggies. Thank you, Lord, for the rain.

  4. darlene Fahey says:

    WOW, I forgot what Lollygagging does for your soul. The past two days with Heidi I find myself just sitting petting her or looking at her look at me. We had a little rain on Saturday night but could use a several storms to help our plants also. Back to Lollygagging !!!

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