‘Tis So Sad

You wouldn’t know it to look at it, but I really love my yard.  It was fun mowing as I sat on my bright yellow, padded throne surveying my realm watching in satisfaction as the grass took on a look that showed care and maintenance.  We won’t get into the flower beds which show disgust and aggravation.  My lawn tractor comes equipped with everything except an automatic transmission.  I have cared for it rigorously with oil changes and tune ups and it performs well.

Last summer, I could barely keep up with the grass it grew so quickly.  There were weeks when it should have been cut twice just to keep up with the growth.  This summer is different since our weather pattern after months of rain over the winter and early spring has metamorphosed into total dryness.  There’s little humidity and like other areas of the country we have suffered with high, high heat.  My green, green grass is now brown and lifeless.  Oh, yes, the weeds still grow, but the grass seems almost overwhelmed by the lack of rain and penetrating heat.

Today, after three weeks of no activity, I finally went out and topped off the weeds using the highest setting possible for the mowing deck.  I found myself fervently praying for rain as I rode over the brown spots.  Yet, I am lucky since my yard looks better than others right now.  Weeds never seem to look brown and the wildflowers while slower to grow these days seem to flourish in spite of the rough conditions.

But it breaks my heart to see that yard where I once fretted over all the weeds now sustained by their very greenness.  There was virtually no winter and summer arrived with a vengeance which will hopefully bring on a cold, snowy winter.  I dream of cozying up with a fire in the fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate laced with a caramel coffee mix.  For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with fruit smoothies loaded with the fresh fruits of this hot summer.

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4 Responses to ‘Tis So Sad

  1. Doris says:

    Hey, glad to see you blogging again. It’s been a dry spell for your readers, too, ya know.
    She’s b-a-a-a-c-k!

  2. Leo says:

    Welcome back, Mom. Unfortunately for us also, the weeds are the only thing keeping our grass semi-green right now. I have a feeling they are going to succumb to the heat soon enough also. 🙂

    Like you, I cannot wait for winter to hit and give us some much needed relief.

  3. darlene says:

    At least you don’t get letters telling you to pull out the little weeds in our desert landscape!! I do feel sad that you have the high temps and the humidity!!!

  4. Michele Wurschmidt says:

    We have learned that no matter how hard you work in your yard, the weeds will be back the very next day! I say enjoy your summer and don’t stress about the yard. :o)

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