So Correct, So Wrong

Remember the term “plain speaking”?   It has been many years since hearing that term so long in fact that I had essentially forgotten it.  It means to be honest and upfront in your manner and speech without thought to being polite.  That was the way people used to be and it didn’t include speaking thoughtlessly with words meant to demean others a la Archie Bunker.  It meant being upfront about yourself while in conversation with others.  By looking others in the eye and listening to what came from their mouth you could measure them up and agree or disagree with them.

By the 1990’s, it became widely popular to be “politically correct” in our speech and thoughts.  It was a good idea that became crazy and has now infiltrated every aspect of our lives.  We have bent over so far backwards to be accepting and non-hurtful in our speech that we literally have lost sight of anything but our backsides.  Or as Dr. Phil once put it, “We’re so politically correct, we’ve gotten stupid.”  Being politically correct means politicians, celebrities and media alike can talk for hours about absolutely nothing credible while the world tears itself apart.

We don’t address issues much less look for solutions.  We do obssess about all the trivia and very unimportant things of life.  No wonder people have lost so much of themselves and behave in destructive manners.  There is no reckoning from friends and neighbors, no word of caution, no sign of disapproval.  That would be incorrect.  It seems as though we have not only lost our moral compass but, truthfully, ground it into a million, irreparable pieces.  No, I don’t want to return to the 1950’s or 1960’s since there were many problems then that were never openly discussed.

Perhaps, this is just an arc that a boomerang must follow until we retrieve the ability to say what we mean and mean what we say.  We are a more open society now and all things considered that isn’t all bad.  Hopefully, we can all come to the realization that if you speak the truth, the truth will set you free.





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  1. Allen Payne says:

    Open about things we should be closed about and closed about things we should be open about sometimes. This is one of your best yet. Want to say “Amen!”

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