Just A Walk

My son, his family and I were walking a trail through the Smokies when I had to stop and let them finish.  Since that day, I have lived with the regret that I had to stop and rest and didn’t get to see the small waterfall.  It was only today that I finally realized that sitting  creek side, I saw how it moved through the creek bed and the interaction of bugs, birds, and the flora in that small area.

It was hard to watch other hikers pass me going to the end of the trail that I had planned on walking.  They were all strangers and there was no resentment just sadness for my own lost opportunity to go and see.  For that is what my life has been about since I was old enough to ambulate on my own.  It’s a curiosity thing.  The joy of knowing what is around the corner or the world to see, feel, and touch those lands or states that before had been a mere dream.

But, in retrospect, perhaps, opportunities were missed to enjoy moments as they occurred.  That child’s laugh, so carefree trilling along the air, or perhaps, a kiss saying thank you from a grateful spouse.  Sitting there by the water running so quietly to its own destination it is easy to think only of the destination when life really is about the journey.


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5 Responses to Just A Walk

  1. Michele says:

    Well said! I have had to learn that lesson too of slowing down enough to enjoy the journey and not be so focused on the ‘finish line.’ To be honest, I have found more satisfaction in the little things along the journey than the short-lived satisfaction of the finish line.

  2. Leo says:

    It sounds like you got just as much enjoyment from stopping and watching life lived out all around you (during those extra few minutes) as we did walking a little bit farther and checking out the waterfall.

    I will have to make sure I stop for a bit and give Chele a big kiss. 🙂

  3. Doris says:

    So glad to see you back online and writing again. And I agree, it’s not always the destination, but the journey itself that is important.

  4. darlene says:

    I also agree that is great having you back writing again. When we stop to smell the roses, we also see things that we would have never seen.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Carol. I love your blog. I’m following it now through my blog site. This post is especially nice and true.

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