Questions Without Answers

Like many of you, I have absorbed a myriad of information regarding the school system in the recent past since the abhorrent Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut in December, 2012.  First, there were all the news reports with hours of repetitive information and the stunned parents who had lost their child.  The unexplainable, unfathomable reasons for shooting helpless children stunned us all.

The focus then moved to gun control which honestly seems out of control.  Belief in one’s right to own weapons is constitutional, and keeping guns out of the hand of the mentally ill cannot be legislated.  In fact, it has been legislated that the mentally ill have the right to be free and to not take their medications.  They have no accountability to do what is obviously in their own best interests.  Therefore, their perceived best interest becomes the need to hurt others and no one is immune from their punishment.

In reaction to all the school shootings over the years since the Columbine shooting, schools are methodically and surely becoming prisons with locked doors, bullet proof glass, and security systems including armed guards.  What has changed our world so much that the innocent have to be incarcerated while those who would harm us roam free?  There is no  answer to that question, but it is incontrovertibly true that our current system is not working.

For hundreds of years, the primary tenet of our American way of life has been that we are a free people.  Living in homes with locked doors and alarm systems, going to schools that are virtual prisons, and leaving home guarding against being robbed or attacked doesn’t speak of freedom.  Perhaps it is time that we, the people, take our country back and make a viable way of life for our children and grandchildren.  How do we do that?


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  1. darlene says:

    I agree that we the people need to take back our country. Parents need to encourage the schools to Take The Challenge to remove video grames that program children to not have emotional feelings about killing. Additionally parents need to check with their schools to insure they are not involved with C. Scope and Common Core. These programs are not approved by Congress. Both rent from the Department of Education pressuring the states’ education departments to force the school boards to change the curriculum. The progressives are re-writing history and ensuring our children will not learn mathematics which will lower our rating in the world.
    Just another reason why you are so special to me.

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