Trying, Very Trying

Don’t misunderstand me. I really love all. The new technology and am really grateful to have it; however, it can be trying, very trying. I understand the problem. It’s me. I keep trying to make it conform to my parameters and it insists on following those setvby its maker. As logic would have it, a trip for next month is planned and I’m learning how to type my post on my Kindle rather than my computer. It all sounds so simple. It isn’t! Why am I surprised is the only question.

My ever patient son set everything up for me but there wasn’t time for me to practice before he had to return home when his vacation ended. I think he was out of town before I called him the first time. He’s in a car with his wife, two kids, and a Lab trying to get home and I’m calling with questions. Like I said, he’s very patient. I got off the phone quickly.

With questions answered, it was time to log on. HA! It just didn’t happen. Finally, I realized that I was just too tired and put my Kindle away. Today, I decided to try again. This time it wasn’t too hard after realizing that I could automatically log on. Well,that was easy. So, I start typing and the keyboard starts doing little manuevers on me to which I am not accustomed. Once those are decrpyted it all began to make sense. I am tempted to not proofread this and will probably debate that over night. It’s totally ironic that I took typing so I wouldn’t have to use the hunt-and-peck typing method just to learn now the fastest way to type with two fingers.

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3 Responses to Trying, Very Trying

  1. Nicholas Wurschmidt says:

    Don’t worry, they will update the app and you will have to figure it all out again. 😛

  2. Allen Payne says:

    Amen! Sister, Allen and I just got new cell phones; ones that say “droid” everytime something happens. It’s kind of creepy or funny, depending on the issues at the time. I surprised myself and learned pretty quickly how to phone and text. The rest is still a mystery including how to text someone who has not already texted me. Just when you think you have it all figured out, it refuses to send the next text. Oh well. The biggest issue is the keyboard which is way too sensitive for my fat, nailess fingers. Since I do pottery, I can’t have nails and I keep hitting the wrong keys. Frustrating when your texts look like comic cuss words. Love

  3. Michele says:

    Don’t give up…you CAN do it! I’m so proud of you for learning a new way to post your blogs. I understand what you mean though-just when you have it figured out, they come up with another way of doing it or a new app that is supposed to do it for you. Just look at it this way…it keeps your mind sharp and thinking on your toes!

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