The Best Laid Plans

I love it when a plan comes together, unfortunately this one didn’t.  Since first owning a laptop computer, it became by new best friend.  It was nothing for me to be on the computer for eight or nine hours daily checking on finances, playing games, working on my blog, or shopping.  I couldn’t put it down and, in fact, wouldn’t allow myself to open it up before work since the chances of being late escalated precariously if I did.  The computer itself became an important part of my life obviously.

Then, along came the Kindle Fire which, for me, supplanted the computer since it provided me with books which have always been front and center in my life.  Before leaving for Alaska, I ensured that I could write my blogs on it from the first word to posting.  I learned all the idiosyncrasies of using my program on the Kindle.  It wasn’t ideal, but it was better than lugging around my computer on a two-week trek through Alaska.  Best laid plans and all that.

There were a couple of things for which I didn’t account.  The first was that I had no way to download photos to the Kindle.  It was a duh moment when I realized that.  The second thing was the variability of connectedness in Alaska.  My daughter, Alicia, lives there and never complains about it which led me to assume that I wouldn’t have any problems either.  Well, you know what assuming something does and it did it to me.  The first post written on the airplane never got posted.  The second one entitled, Arriving In Wonderland, was completed in Anchorage and went through with no problems.  By the time of the second one, More About Anchorage, we were in Denali State Park and it took my Kindle, an Ipad, and a computer to finally get it posted.  I started a fourth post which never was completed nor posted.  And so it goes.  Therefore, to make a complicated situation easier, at least in my mind, I plan to start over completely.  The next post will be the first one I wrote on the airplane, then, Arriving in Wonderland, followed by More about Anchorage and then on to the remaining posts.

I have learned a big, no, huge lesson.  Do not ask a device to do more than it is programmed for and always take appropriate equipment with you when you travel.  By the way, the plug-ins available in the airport work well, but I never did get the USB connectors to work.  Others did, but I didn’t.

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  1. Michele says:

    An experience, whether positive or negative, is never wasted if something was learned in the process. I look forward to your posts about the trip even if they are not in ‘real time!’

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