Feeling Like Greek

Okay, so I’m back to eating natural foods which requires a lot of cooking, planning, and buying.  After thinking about it I decided to start with yogurt.  I had made it several years ago, but with all the goings on had dropped it off my to-do list.  But after eating Greek yogurt for so long, I was definitely spoiled.  Like everything else, I Googled to see if there was a Greek yogurt maker.  And there it was a really inexpensive addition to my yogurt maker.  I thought about purchasing cheesecloth to strain the yogurt since that is a common way to do it, but then, I thought about all the required washing or replacing required and decided this was an easier way for me.

Previously, I cooked the yogurt for twelve to sixteen hours to get it firmer, as I preferred, so it could be mixed with other ingredients such as fruit.  However, the strainer allowed me to cook it for about eight hours and then strain it ending with the same firm Greek yogurt.  Heavenly.  I get a product that is much firmer than you can buy and it is pure goodness.  Next, I’m trying it with fruit.

A by-product of straining yogurt is whey.  It is a yellowish, somewhat cloudy liquid which drains during the straining.  A young Indian man who was visiting blanched at the idea that I would throw it away so I kept it.  But then I was stuck with this bowl of yellow liquid.  I had always poured the whey in purchased yogurt into the dogs’ food so assumed I would use it for that.  According to Jill at the theprairiehomestead.com, it is packed full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  It turns out there are dozens of uses for the whey everything from using it to bathe, baking, and to making panir cheese.  Makes sense since our ancestors never wasted anything and knew how to stretch everything.  When did we lose that ability? We can Google everything, but do so little for ourselves.

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