Snow Emotion

The past week has been  amusing in so many ways.  I love when a good storm comes along and, Lord knows, we’ve had plenty of those this past few months.  The newscasters pummel us with scary knowledge of what’s coming our way in an it’s-the-end-of-the-world voice.  In turn, we flock to the hardware and grocery stores stocking up on items we probably won’t need, but have to have just in case.  Then, the storm arrives and if we use a little common sense, nothing happens.   There are always those who must be out and about in the midst of the weather whether its necessary or not and they invariably end up in an accident.  Or some decide that putting the generator or grill inside is a really good idea only to suffer the consequences of their action.

Having lived through blizzards, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters, I tend to take a calmer view.  I have seen snow so deep that my husband couldn’t drive the car home all the way home from work since the snow was so deep the car couldn’t move forward any more.  He was close enough to be able to walk the remaining distance and we were thankful for that.  So, it’s amusing to watch everyone scurry about preparing for Armageddon which, thankfully, hasn’t yet arrived.  Yes, I recognize that some people really do need the extra groceries and can’t get to shopping until it’s the nth hour.  And, yes, emergencies do happen.  But to all those people who seem to be out? It’s doubtful.

So, it snowed and we got eight to nine inches here which was absolutely beautiful.  It had snowed most of the day and all night.  My world was blanketed in white as were many states around us.  While encouraging the dogs to stay outside for business, I inadvertently locked us out of the house in my usual early morning stupor.  Three to four hours later thanks to a dedicated locksmith and a caring neighbor who kept us warm, we were once again ensconced  into the warmth of home and hearth.  But lesson learned.  I’m getting a numeric keypad for my door.  Barring Alzheimer’s, that should ended the being locked out saga forever.

My favorite of the emotions that snow evokes is the way it brings people together.  Parents play in the snow with their kids, make hot chocolate, and snuggle into the warmth of each other.  The stress of daily life is abandoned for smiles and family fun and just being together.  Snow seems to bring out the best of us and makes the world a photograph worth taking.  I have to stop now since another snow is headed our way tonight and I have to get prepared.

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2 Responses to Snow Emotion

  1. Doris says:

    Good for you for going to a numeric keypad. I have one on the door from the garage into the house and use it exclusively — never use a key. Just remember to keep the batteries fresh. Damn thing died on me a couple of times before I got smart and changed the batteries, and of course I was locked out both times. Once had to dislocate a screen on another door and once had to call the fire department because lunch was cooking on the gas stove. 🙁 (Fireman used a credit card to bypass the latch and disaster was averted, but after that I had to wonder about the security of the door installation.) Hope you’re thawing out nicely!

  2. Allen Payne says:

    Amen! But, Saturday here was worse. People were out in hordes getting over cabin fever and shopping the first day of the Presiden’ts sales. It was worse than Christmas shoppers. Took me 30 min. to buy gas and get back home less than 2 miles. It reminds me of the Hugo aftermath. People were outside everywhere helping each other and it felt so nice. We lived in the country then in a country subdivision like yours. We had met only 2 of our neighbors and our youngest was turning into a couch potatoe because even the children never came out to play. So, everyone appeared, helped each other, and disappeared never to be seen again. Weird place!

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