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In the recent past, my posts have been few and far between for a less than pleasing reason. There were several pesky illnesses that were persistently in my life.  One caused the other due to the medications necessary to clear up the first problem.  They also left me fuzzy headed and necessitated lots of naps along with a full night’s sleep.  Writing a blog moved steadily down the list of things I wanted or needed to do.  Survival became the goal, but not just survival, I wanted to be healthy once again.  Functioning as one normally does became an acute desire.

Thankfully since March, that has become a reality once more.  Although six months being basic incapacitated plus one hospitalization, have left me with a body that wants to do very little.  So, we’re having the mind over body discussion here a lot.  It has wrought other changes as well.  At way too young an age, I am leaving independent living as a senior citizen and moving in with my daughter.

Honestly, this brings with it a lot of fears and changes.  Adjusting to having to talk with people on a regular basis will be a huge change.  The other is that I am giving my rescued Shih Tzus to good homes.  They have been my faithful companions for nearly four years and have become acclimatized to living in a home, being fed individually on a regular basis, groomed and loved.  Hannah is already with her new forever family, but it seems no one wants a dog like Hancock whot is partially blind and has separation anxiety.  It really is their loss because he is also loving, feisty, and fun.

Any psychic could tell me that there are lots of changes in my future.  Each change will take work, compromise, and adjustments which will all be faced.  Here’s hoping they are done with grace, dignity, and beauty.  No one can see what the future holds but the grass is always greener.  Alaska here I come.  Be afraid, very afraid.


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  1. Alicia says:

    So excited to have you!!! You’ll be in good hands up here! It will be an adjustment though.

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