The Sound of Silence

With all due apologies to Simon and Garfunkel for borrowing their title, it is eerie, almost haunting, here this summer.  My neighbors and I have large lots which normally require lots of tending which necessitates the sound of mowers, weed eaters, and blowers.  This summer, so far, has generally brought the sound of silence.  We are in a mini drought and it’s results are noticeable.  The grass is not as green nor does it grow as fast.  My yard hasn’t been cut in about three weeks now and doesn’t need trimming.  Oh, sure, last week, I got out and topped off the weeds that were about knee-high in some places, but nary a blade of grass ran through the machine.

Behind the yard, the pasture that is dutifully and loving tended has row after row of corn planted with all the hope and fastidiousness that farmers show daily.  Yet, it too is growing so slowly.  Without rain, the corn will only be a shadow of what was expected.  But it’s not just the agriculture that’s stagnant.  Walking outside,you miss the warble of birds, frogs and other critters that have been the norm.  It’s ironic that the past year was marked by a continuous deluge of rain, rain storms, flooding, and other inherent problems from too much water.  A neighbor has bee hives and I need to ask him how they are tolerating this lack of nature’s moisture.  It’s said that bees are important to all things that grow.

In the quiet, I listen for any indication of rain and worry as that day passes without it.  The weatherman says there is a chance for rain tonight.  One can only hope it happens.  For a change, let’s listen to some sounds that aren’t so silent.



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